SonoLab personnel will provide you with detailed, illustrated reports plus verbal consultation regarding a component’s internal features, failure mechanism or accept/reject criteria. With locations worldwide, SonoLab has the capability, flexibility and resources to meet all your AMI requirements.

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The company also holds more US and Foreign Patents related to AMI technology than any other manufacturer. Sonoscan is your best insurance against costly production shutdowns, quarantined products and very disappointed customers.


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Benefits of AMI

AMI Overview
Learn about AMI and how it is used to find internal defects


Sonoscan training will help your organization to:


Sonoscan Instruments
From the laboratory to the production floor, Sonoscan’s advanced acoustic microscopes, tools and technology will help you build higher quality products. Sonoscan instruments represent an unmatched level of technical expertise and come with superior customer service and support.
AW Series
FastLine™ P300™
Maximum throughput, minimal footprint
for the factory floor.
High-resolution acoustic micro imaging
at production speeds.
AW™ Series
Automatically handles, inspects
and sorts bonded wafers.
The new generation in C-SAM®
technology innovation.
Bridges the gap between lab and
production needs.
D9™ Series
The modern laboratory standard for
acoustic micro imaging.
Sonoscan can also build custom systems to meet your exact specifications.

Market Applications

Sonoscan acoustic microscopes and SonoLab™ services are appropriate for a wide range of samples and needs, and are your best insurance against latent defects that may escape conventional testing methods.

Applications include:

Military, Aerospace, and Automotive
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

Solar Energy
Packaging, Seals

View a complete list of technical application notes showing examples of various defects, as well as optimal analysis techniques.

Free Sample Analysis
Receive a Free Sample Analysis

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MEMS Wafer Inspection System
June 25, 2014 - Sonoscan has announced its AW322 200 fully automated system for ultrasonic inspection of MEMS wafers... Read More

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MD&M Minneapolis 2014
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Industry Leadership

Since its inception, Sonsocan has remained the most trusted authority on the application of Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) technology for nondestructive inspection and analysis. Sonsocan acoustic microscopes are recognized as the benchmark for accuracy, and through our SonoLab division,you'll benefit from the unmatched expertise of our dedicated acoustic applications engineers. Our engineers represent the leading minds in AMI and regularly receive industry recognition and awards, including the prestigious IEEE Rayleigh Award.

Sonoscan’s founder and president, Dr. Lawrence Kessler, is a highly regarded expert in the field of ultrasonics and imaging systems. Dr. Kessler is committed to the continuous development of AMI technologies through educational programs, client application reviews and new system development.

This dedication to AMI is the core of Sonoscan. We continually strive to deliver Extraordinary Data Accuracy, Superior Image Quality and Unsurpassed Technical Expertise.




Sonoscan Technology

An outstanding benefit of acoustic scanning its ability to find hidden defects within assemblies and materials that can occur during manufacturing or environmental testing. Defects such as delaminations, voids and cracks can be identified and analyzed more effectively using AMI than with any other inspection method.

Unlike other non-destructive techniques such as X-Ray and Infrared Imaging, AMI is highly sensitive to the elastic properties of the materials it travels through. Because of this, the ability of AMI to find and characterize these physical defects is clearly superior. Typical applications include production control, failure analysis, and
product development.

Sonoscan offers various Imaging Modes, allowing the operator to gain the optimal viewing perspective based on the orientation of the feature within the sample. In addition, Sonoscan's proprietary advanced features deliver the optimum images, highest efficiencies and best results.


SonoLab™ Services

An ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Testing Lab*
SonoLab™, a division of Sonoscan, is the world’s largest inspection service specializing in acoustic scanning. Staffed by dedicated applications engineers, SonoLab delivers more experience in AMI applications than any other lab.

Need to analyze a lot of product quickly? Need independent verification? Need a flexible AMI resource? SonoLab is at your service.

Through SonoLab, you’ll get the superior image quality and extraordinary data accuracy you’ve come to expect from Sonoscan microscopes, while benefiting from the capabilities and careful analysis of the world’s leading AMI experts.

* For US locations only

Tech Updates
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AMI Overview
Learn about AMI and how it is used to find internal defects

Acoustic Micro Imaging Resources

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive AMI resources on the web.

Boost your knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of developments in AMI and nondestructive internal inspection and analysis. Since establishing the field of acoustic micro imaging in 1975, Sonoscan has remained committed to continual development and rapid technological advancement. These resources represent this leadership and expertise, and are available to help you improve your results.

You may browse our extensive library of whitepapers and publications, and view industry standards including IPC/JDEC, ANSI/ESA, NASA and Military. You can also connect to other resources through our comprehensive list of industry links, learn about AMI terms via our glossary, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

In addition, our comprehensive collection of Sonoscan application notes provides detailed information and analysis techniques for
specific needs.


Acoustic Scanning Seminars & Training

Would you like to get even more out of your Sonoscan AMI equipment? Are you interested in learning advanced features and the latest analysis techniques? Do you have new personnel or new applications?

Expand and refine your Acoustic Micro Imaging skills by learning from the world’s foremost experts. Sonoscan’s educational programs will take your AMI analysis to a higher level.

Free webinars expand and refine your skills.

User workshops provide beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
of training.

Free seminars provide application-specific information and demonstrations of advanced non-destructive AMI analysis techniques.

Custom programs are developed based on your specific needs and objectives, and are conducted at your location or at a SonoLab™ facility near you.

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Sonoscan is the most trusted authority on the application of Acoustic Microscopy and Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) for nondestructive inspection and analysis, and provides customers with the highest quality scanning acoustic microscopes and technology, as well as a full range of analytical and testing services.

  The New Fastline P300   Next Generation AMI!   Free Video Seminar  
  Refurbished systems and lab solutions.   Gen6™ C-SAM® delivers broad capabilities.   Unprecedented insight
into Acoustic Microscopy.

Across many industries, Sonoscan's advanced acoustic imaging technology is relied upon for inspecting and finding defects in a wide range of samples—wherever the bonding between layers or the integrity of the materials themselves is of critical importance. Ultra-high frequency ultrasound detects delaminations, cracks, voids and porosity better than any other inspection method.

Learn more about Sonoscan Acoustic Micro Imaging technology.